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What is Sticker maker PicsArt? – Free Online Custom Design

Do you create your own stickers to use in the PicsArt app? With the Sticker Maker, you can turn any picture or drawing into a sticker by simply outlining the part you want to use. Stickers are like colorful and playful images or icons that can be added to your photos or artwork to make them more exciting and expressive. It’s a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your pictures and share your unique style with the world!

Five Types

Another amazing feature is the freedom to express yourself. With PicsArt Sticker Maker, you can design stickers that reflect your unique style and personality. Whether it’s a funny face, a cute animal, or a quirky doodle, you can transform your ideas into vibrant stickers.

Five Types

PicsArt Sticker Maker offers a diverse range of sticker types, each allowing you to add your personal touch and creativity to your photos and designs.

Type One

To create custom stickers

You want to edit a photo. Use PicsArt Sticker Maker to create custom stickers from your favorite images or drawings. Outline the parts you want to turn into stickers, such as faces, objects, or background elements. Save these stickers to your library.

Type Two

Emoji Stickers

With PicsArt Sticker Maker, you can turn your favorite emojis into stickers. Select the emoji you like, and transform it into a fun and expressive sticker using the same outlining process.

Type Three

Text Stickers

Express your thoughts and messages with text stickers. Write your desired text and style it with various fonts and colors. Turn it into a sticker by outlining the text and create personalized text stickers to add words to your photos or designs.

Type Four

Create your collage with cutout collage stickers

Combine multiple images by outlining and cutting out different elements from each picture. Mix and match to create unique and fun collages.

Type Five

Designing Gifts

Use PicsArt Sticker Maker to design custom stickers for gifts. Create stickers representing inside jokes, shared memories, or the recipient’s interests. Print the stickers on sticker paper to decorate greeting cards, gift wraps, or personalized presents.

How to Add Stickers in your Photos?

With these easy steps, you can add fun and creative stickers to your photos using the PicsArt app.

Choose a Photo

Start by selecting the photo you want to add stickers to. It could be a picture from your phone’s gallery or a new one you take with your camera.

Open the PicsArt App

If you don’t have it yet, download the PicsArt app from the app store. Open the app and tap the “Edit” or “Create” button to edit your photo.

Access Stickers

Look for the “Stickers” icon in the app’s menu (usually represented by a smiley face or a sticker icon). Tap on it to access various stickers available in the app’s library.

Choose and Add Stickers

Browse the sticker options and select the ones you like. You can find categories like emojis, shapes, doodles, and more. Once you’ve chosen a sticker, simply tap on it to add it to your photo.

Resize and Position

After adding a sticker, you can resize it by pinching it with two fingers and moving it around by dragging it with your finger. Position the sticker where you want it to appear on your photo. You can also add multiple stickers if you like!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many sticker maker apps offer free versions with basic features. However, some may have premium features available for purchase.

The process usually involves simple steps like outlining and saving, making it accessible to everyone.

Yes, that’s the fun part, It’s a great way to personalize and enhance your pictures.

Yes, absolutely! One of the main features of a sticker maker is its ability to create custom stickers.

A sticker maker is a tool or app that allows you to create your own stickers from images, drawings, or emojis.


In short, a sticker maker is a fantastic tool. The options are endless, from basic stickers for outlining images to text stickers for adding personalized messages. Moreover, sticker makers provide the freedom to organize stickers into custom packs, making it convenient to access and reuse your designs in multiple projects. With its accessibility, fun features, and endless possibilities, a sticker maker is necessary for anyone looking to add an extra dose of charm.

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